What is blocking me from detoxing my life?

Optimal wellness is becoming balanced in your emotions, relationships, career, finances, and personal growth. In this harmonious state, you are able to live your best and most fulfilled life. In this state of balance, anything is possible. So, knowing this, one would think everyone would be striving to live a life of wellness and fulfillment. The opposite, however, is true.

So, what is actively blocking people from losing weight, eating right, choosing positive relationships, resting properly, or emotionally detoxing? My guess is pain. Nobody ever really talks about the emotional pain involved with change. Yes, people say you must do it. Or, many will say you must face your fear and do it any way.

In my experience, however, no one has described the actual emotional pain involved in changing oneself. Yes, change is scary, but for many it is also painful. In fact, the emotional pain of fear in some instances can actually take on a physical form (anxiety, stiffness, illness, etc.). Our negative inner self talk can be so painful that we physically do anything we can to shut it down. Our perfectionism, false beliefs, and conflicts between our beliefs and values create turmoil and an inner emotional state that reaches the intensity for many of a level 5 tornado.

But, I am willing to challenge those slightly fearful people to exam one more time the dark crevices of your mind and soul. Take one more look within your selves and pull out that false belief or fear that makes you hide underneath your bed like a five year old in the dark who just saw a big scary monster.

Yes, we all have fears, but some fears are immobilizing. And, in order to overcome them, they need to begin by desensitizing themselves. In other words, you need to take little bitty baby steps just to have the courage to even peak under the proverbial cover. Let alone facing them, and overcoming them.

Pulling off your unhealthy mask and facing yourself is very scary. It takes a willingness, courage, patience, and discipline. You may not be able to do it the first or second time. Once you face your fears. You may also experience isolation from others because they are not use to the new fearless you. Living a life of wellness is both exciting and challenging. You must become someone you have never been in order to live your new and wellness base life style. I hope this normalizes how some may be feeling. Meanwhile, helping others to embrace and be more loving towards themselves. 


Sylvia Lamaye