Hi I’m Sylvia Lamaye and I believe “Wellness Is Your Wealth” I teach and empower women to work less and use self-care to create a life style that nourishes them. I am the creator of CF and Fibro Living community (2009). This blog/Facebook page was created to inspire people with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia to redefine their new normal while living positive and fulfilling lives. Wellness the New Sexy blog and Facebook community (2014) was created to teach and empower women to practice better self-care and wellness. Meanwhile, encouraging them to avoid chronic illness and burn out. Empowering them to live their “best life” at their personal optimal health level. Sylvia Lamaye, LLC is joining CF and Fibro Living and Wellness the New Sexy communities under one umbrella to create a space for women with various health levels to have a space to communicate, celebrate, learn, heal, and recharge themselves without judgement; so, they can create and live their best lives drama free.

About Sylvia

My story begins in 2004. Over a two-year period, I lost my mother and two aunts. After their deaths, my family life and health turned upside down. I worked, pursued a master’s degree, and participated in various community activities 7 days a week. Over these two years, I was also care taker/executor for an aunt who died from cancer, and care taker for an aging father for 15 years. In the first two years of my mother’s and aunts’ deaths, I grew extremely fatigued and I kept getting a sore throat. I believed the fatigue was related to a virus in my body, hence the sore throats, as well as a rigorous school and work schedule.

However, I pushed through the fatigue and pain and took care of an estate and two households. Pursuing my master’s degree and volunteering in several organizations. Until, I wound up on my back looking at a ceiling fan for two years.

I was in my 30’s undiagnosed, wondering why my body was failing, lying in my bed looking up at a ceiling fan, believing, I was going crazy. After going through several doctors and testing; finally, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, and complicated grief. At this point, I created a community for people who suffered from CFS to support myself and other suffers.

Because of my health, I was unable to work fulltime for several years. Therefore, I lost my entire retirement savings, two homes, friends, family, and the ability to sustain my health. During this time, there were many life style changes I made. For the past 15 years, I’ve created a new normal for myself.

 In order to create this new normal, I redefine what social activities were most important, and admitted I couldn’t do everything and maintain quality self-care. Second, I found a way to accept and stop being angry that my life had been taken from me by CFS. Third, I challenged every belief system, attitude, and emotion that was imprisoning me from creating a new life. Fourth, I realigned myself with people who accepted me and celebrated me as an individual. Also, I learned how to say “No” and set boundaries. Finally, I learned to be authentic to my new life.

After creating my own self-care routine and self-love plan, I began to feel better, regained energy, and some normalcy in my new life. In addition, I began eating better, an exercise routine, and lost 40lbs. During this time, I created “Wellness the New Sexy”. This project was created to target busy woman who couldn’t find time to take care of themselves. I’m passionate about speaking to women before they develop a possible chronic illness or burnout. I want to teach women the lessons I’ve learned the hard way (boundary setting, self-care, and self-love). I show overworked success seeking women that “Wellness Is Your Wealth”. And, how to create a life style that nourishes both their relationships and success.

Currently, I work in the field of counseling. I hold a Master’s in Pastoral Clinical Counseling, I am also a licensed School Counselor. Over my career, I have worked in corporate America, mental health, and educational institutions. Today I work and practice self-care daily. I believe I am uniquely qualified to assist people in the area of self-care and wellness because of my work, educational background and unique insight, and experience of rebuilding a life that nourishes me.

Services Offered

  • Coaching on creating and maintaining personalized self-care plans

  • Guided Journaling

  • Tele-Conferences/Webinars

  • Call for free consultation